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SL SUZSAM [17013]

Spartan Locker for Suzuki Samurai differential with 26 spline axles


The Spartan Locker, by USA Standard Gear, provides reliable traction at a low cost. The Spartan locker’s design does not use the thrust washers and has a revolutionary spring and pin design that makes installation a snap!

  • Fits Suzuki Samurai
  • Made from 9310 steel for added strength
  • Works with stock side gears in standard carrier case

Technical Notes: N/A

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Warehouse Availability
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  • KY
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  • WA
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Quick Specs

Spartan Locker
1 year warranty against Manufacturer defects
2.52 lbs
Shipping Length:
12 inches
Shipping Width:
13 inches
Shipping Height:
3 inches

Compatible Differentials

  • Suzuki Samurai

Compatible Make / Model

  • Suzuki Samurai (1985 - 1995)


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