Tight Yoke Installation

In many cases when installing new yokes on Ford 10.25”and 10.5” as well as some other differentials, it can be difficult to get the yoke over the pinion splines. The fact is, many pinion splines have a slight “twist” to them (which controls rotational “slop”), but the Ford 10.25” & 10.5” pinion splines have a slightly tighter fit than most. As a result, they make it difficult to get a new yoke over the pinion splines, and it’s an even bigger challenge when installing a new yoke over a new pinion gear. The solution? There really isn’t one, you’ve just got to use good old-fashioned force. Generally, it’s a two person job. One technician holds the pinion in the backside of the housing, while the other cradles a brass punch in the yoke and use a dead blow mallet to drive the yoke into place (See Pic). Keep striking the yoke until the pinion nut threads are exposed enough to get a few turns of the pinion nut on the pinion, then use an impact gun to get the yoke seated. (Be careful to make sure to have enough pinion thread showing to ensure you won’t strip the threads off the pinion.) It sounds rough, we know…but it’s the only way to get the job done.

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