Spartan Locker


The Spartan Locker® from USA Standard Gear® is a mechanical locking unit that installs directly into a standard carrier, replacing spider (side) gears in the differential.

These units provide affordable traction and easy installation, making them an excellent option as a starter locker when modifying your trail rig. Spartans also see action in drag vehicles looking for total lock-up off the starting line.

A one year warranty comes standard on all Spartan Lockers

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High Strength Components

Designed and engineered for off road performance, the Spartan Locker is the toughest lunchbox locker on the market!

9310 steel construction 

Chromoly drivers for added strength 

Heat treated and precision cut teeth 

Heavy duty cross pins (applicable fits) 

Large pins and springs 

Eliminates thrust washers/shims

Simple Installation

Spartan Locker DiagramInstallation of a lunchbox locker is much simpler than full carrier lockers, which require complete disassembly and reassembly of the differential.

Spartan Lockers feature a unique pin and spring design to allow for an even easier ‘drop-in’ install vs. other lunchbox lockers.

Because of its aggressive locking action the Spartan is not recommended for vehicles that see regular ‘daily driver’ usage.
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For vehicles with tires larger than 32″ it is recommended to go with a full differential locker.


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