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Replace damage axles for new or classic cars | USA Standard Axles

USA Standard Axles

USA Standard Gear utilizes precision manufacturing techniques to create quality axles for both front and rear applications. Our axles are a great economical choice when looking to replace damaged axles, rebuilding a classic auto or seeking new axles for a housing swap. The USA Standard line of axles also includes chromoly and cut-to-fit options.

  • Backed by a 1 Year Warranty
  • Meets OEM Standards
  • Over 150 Part Numbers for Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and All Wheel Drive (4WD)

RANDYS carries the widest selection of axles in the industry with over 700 fitments! Whether you’re looking for an affordable replacement inner stub in your daily driver, or a performance axle shaft to upgrade your off road rig or short-track performer, RANDYS has an option for you. Passenger side, driver side, front, rear, blanks, and even custom cut-to-length options – we carry them all.

Axle shafts transfer power from the differential to the wheels. In rear applications there are two axle shafts, a left and a right. In the front differential there are four axle shafts, two per side. There is an inner axle and outer axle on either side that are connected by a universal joint, which allows the vehicle to steer.


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Using year, make and model, and vehicle info is the first/best way to identify your differential. But there are cases where these facts come up short. Your vehicle’s options like tow packages, off-road packages, or whether it sports an automatic or manual transmission can make identification more difficult.  Read more on how to accurately identify your differential and axle type.

Nic Ashby Wins 2020 American SuperJeep Challenge Builder of the Year – Proves Mettle at King of the Hammers with Yukon Gear & Axle® Drivetrain Components

Yukon Gear & Axle®, the leading performance off-road drivetrain supplier in North America, congratulates Rockstar Performance Garage owner Nic Ashby for being named 2020 SuperJeep Challenge Builder of the Year.


The Ford 9″ axle is a semi-floating, drop-out with a GAWR up to 3600 lbs and is one of the most popular axles in automotive history. Ford began production in 1957 and stopped production in 1986 though many after market companies still produce this rear end.  Read more about this differential.