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RANDYS Blog | Articles and Information on all things Drivetrain

How To: Spartan Locker Assembly

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Jul 25, 2023

Lunchbox lockers provide reliable 100% lock-up traction at a low cost. The simplicity and ingenuity living within the Spartan Locker makes it better than conventional lunchbox lockers. The Spartan Locker’s patent-pending design replaces the spider gears in a standard carrier case without using the thrust washers, but the unit’s most revolutionary attribute is its spring-and-pin design. This...

The Ultimate Gear Break-In Guide: Ensuring Peak Performance and Longevity

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Jun 22, 2023

Gear break-in is a crucial process that involves controlled heat cycling of the gear set to properly season and harden the contact surfaces as well as to polish and establish the final contact pattern on the gear face. It is essentially a series of test drives that play a vital role in ensuring the long-term durability and optimal performance of the gears. Neglecting or improperly conducting...

New Product: Industry First—2012-Up Ram 1500 Gear Upgrade

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Jun 21, 2023

Yukon Gear & Axle is the first-and-only re-gear solution for 2012-and-up Ram 1500s. Until this kit was developed owners who were considering or had already pulled the trigger on a big-tire upgrade, had no re-gear options. These Yukon Gear & Axle re-gear kits are the first to address the OEM C215 front differential which features a problematic one-piece carrier/ring gear assembly. The...

Check Your Shipment… Count Your Teeth

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Jun 2, 2023

Before proceeding with your drivetrain project, it is essential to check your shipment to ensure that everything is in order. Conducting a thorough inspection helps identify any potential issues, verify the contents, and address any discrepancies or damage. As always, check the contents against the packing slip or order. Review the packing slip, invoice, or order confirmation to ensure all...

Understanding Thick Ring Gears & Carrier Breaks

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : May 23, 2023

A carrier break is the point where the numeric increase in gear ratio necessitates a new/different carrier be used. The act of increasing the numerical ratio of a gear set results in the diameter of the pinion gear becoming smaller. To maintain proper contact, the thickness of the ring gear must be increased. The point at which thickening is no longer viable is known as the Carrier Break,...

Tales From The Tech Line: Gear Tooth Grinding

Posted by : Gus | Posted on : May 8, 2023

This edition of Tales From The Tech Line illustrates what happens when someone sets their grinder to overkill. The fiasco starts with a Toyota Land Cruiser moving up to a 4.56:1 gear that requires a little extra installation effort. That’s right your TLC will need some TLC if you plan to run a 4.56 or deeper gear set. The catch? The Land Cruiser diff sports semi float axles that use C-clips...

Knurled Or Smooth: Which Ball Joint Is Right For You?

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Aug 1, 2023

First and foremost, knurled ball joints are a last resort not a first or better option. They are only to be used on suspensions that have knuckle bores and/or housing end forgings that are so worn they can no longer properly accept a smooth-body ball joint. A knurled ball joint has grooves machined into its body that serve to fatten the body, allowing the unit to press into an enlarged...

Yukon Total Takeover

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Mar 22, 2023

The Yukon Total Takeover, a nationwide one-day event held March 18, afforded shops the opportunity to provide special pricing on Yukon gear sets and installation. More than 50 shops participated in the program. The Takeover was the culmination of eight weeks of hard work and coordination, developing a program that highlighted both Yukon parts and the skill and competency of participating...

Axle Measuring 101

Posted by : Evan | Posted on : Mar 14, 2023

How you go about measuring an axle depends on the axle type. Axles with yokes (front axle shafts) are measured from the center of the u-joint bore to the end of the splines. Semi-float and C-clip-equipped axle shafts are measured from the end of the shaft to the outer edge of the mounting flange. Full-float designs are measured from the spline ends to the front surface of the mounting flange....