RANDYS Worldwide services all types of automotive installers, enthusiasts, teams, and racers in off-road, street, track, restoration, custom and general repair. Our manufactured brands are installed and sold worldwide from the smallest of shops to the largest of distribution partners. RANDYS employs over 200 team members across a nationwide distribution network, with continued growth as new lines, brands, products and applications are added.

1982 The Start In 1982, the founder, Randy Lyman, first opened his differential business in Sacramento, CA as a small service shop out of his garage.
1986 Parts Distribution Randy begins parts distribution, fulfilling a new need for the customer.
1989 Moving North Randy opens a small service shop in Redmond, WA. Along with repair work the shop is also used to for product testing, training and research on the latest vehicle applications.
1994 Expanded Facility Randy relocates the shop north to Everett, WA, allowing for further expansion opportunities focusing on quality parts and distribution.
2001 Distribution Network A second warehouse is opened in Franklin, TN offering faster service to the east coast.
2003 Starts Manufacturing Randy's Ring & Pinion began manufacturing and distribution of Yukon Gear & Axle and USA Standard Gear, quality aftermarket performance and OE replacement differentials
2005 West Coast Expansion A Third warehouse opens in Fresno, CA offering next day ground service to California.
2014 Faster Shipping Nationwide Service is improved to the Midwest by opening a fourth warehouse in Florence, KY.
2015 A New Name Randy's Ring & Pinion becomes RANDYS Worldwide, a global brand.
2015 Linsalata Partnered with Linsalata Capital
2016 Drivetrain Coverage RANDYS Worldwide expanded product line further into drivetrain by offering driveline products.
2017 Adding a Leader in Remanufacturing RANDYS acquires Zumbrota Bearing & Gear out of Minnesota, incorporating remanufactured transmissions, transfer cases and associated components to the drivetrain catalog.
2018 Texas Distribution Center RANDYS expands in the South by opening a distribution center in Arlington, Texas
2019 Tailwind Partnered with Tailwind Capital
2021 RANDYS Worldwide RANDYS has expanded and will continue to with exciting things to come through growth, products, manufacturing, and engineering. Watch as we build future opportunities.