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Drivetrain Quality Control focus on axles, driveshafts | RANDYS

Quality Assurance


A Behind-The-Scenes Look at RANDYS QA Department


Quality Assurance is a never-ending quest at RANDYS. These efforts confirm you’re getting the highest quality products that will install easily and perform above and beyond expectation. RANDYS has two in-house quality assurance labs. They are home to highly advanced measuring and testing equipment. Our highly trained staff has decades of combined experience and they test everything from axles and gears, to carrier cases, lockers, and driveshafts. The QA department inspects thousands of components each month, focusing on tolerances down to .0002”. For some perspective: In a .308 caliber firearm, the difference between the inside bore diameter and the bore’s rifling grove is .004” on each side. Metal hardness, grain structure, and surface tension are other measurables under consideration.


A Quality Approach


There are two main testing regimes at work in RANDYS’ Quality Assurance Labs. Darrin Obee, RANDYS’ Quality Assurance Supervisor says one of them concerns large shipments of existing products that the staff measures tolerances on 2.5% of the lot. Each evaluation is based on an incoming inspection plan that has assigned parameters of a given lot to be measured. The other approach focuses on new products. Parts that are in development are stage tested, evaluated for certain accuracies at every step of prototype development.

Our Yukon and USA Standard Gear products reflect a level of professionalism and pride that are unequalled in the industry. It all starts from inside the company and quality assurance is central to this theme.

Here are some of the machines that ensure RANDYS is delivering the best every day.

Deltronic Optical Comparator: This machine, also sometimes called a profile projector, verifies angle radius height of gears and bolts by using back-lit illumination to project a two-dimensional image which is then microscopically measured. The results are compared to the original blueprints to ensure manufacturing accuracy.

Mititoyo Surface Finish Profilometer SJ-400: A needle draws across the surface uses friction information, curvature, and gear tooth harmonics to determine smoothness. Results are a compared against a measurable surface finish target.

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM): This machine is how the QA department verifies a part’s dimensions against the technical drawing that created it. Talk about precision, the CMM is accurate to .005mm or .0002”. This is so accurate that you can’t compare it to a human hair because hair strands vary too much in their thickness for an apples-to-apples comparison.

Spectrometer: We use this machine to determine the chemical and elemental composition of the metals in a multitude of Yukon and USA Standard Gear parts.

Other QA Tools:

  • Caliper
  • Micrometer
  • Height Gauge
  • Bore Gauge
  • Micro-Hardness Tester [surface in Rockwell]