Dodge Drivetrain Selection

Dodge Drivetrain Selection

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Perhaps no expression sums up Dodge better than “work hard, play hard”. From the highly capable Dodge Ram to classic and modern muscle, RANDYS carries the quality drivetrain parts needed to push some of the most powerful cars and trucks on the domestic market.

Get the products you need today to improve towing, traction and performance, or move forward with an affordable repair or rebuild project.

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Popular Parts for Dodge

Spin Free Kit

Yukon Spin Free Kits are available for Dodge Ram models and provide selectability between open and locked for front axles via manual locking hubs, improving performance and gas mileage. These conversion kits eliminate reliance on vulnerable factory unit bearings. Spin Free Kits feature chromoly axles, Yukon Hardcore locking hubs

Dura Grip

The Yukon Dura Grip is a clutch based limited slip differential. Available in a wide range of fitments they make a great choice when looking to improve traction and performance on vehicles from daily drivers, to tow rigs, to classic muscle cars like the Charger and Challenger. Fully rebuildable with internals forged from 4320 steel.

Grizzly Locker

For serious performance, the Yukon Grizzly Locker makes an excellent choice for Dodge Ram trucks that are involved in heavy towing or performance diesel. This automatic, speed sensing locker is built to devour the most challenging conditions. Grizzly Lockers are trusted by race teams from the desert to the drag strip.

Dodge Differentials

Dodge vehicles primarily use differentials from the Chrysler line, with a wider variety of carriers than typically found in longer running model lines (ex: Charger, Ram). To a lesser extent Dodges also use differentials from AMC and Dana.

RANDYS Carries Differential and Drivetrain Parts for These Dodge Models:

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A100 1/2 Ton
B100 Dodge Van 1/2 Ton
B150 Dodge Van 1/2 Ton
B1500 Dodge Van 1/2 Ton
B200 Dodge Van 3/4 Ton
B250 Dodge Van 3/4 Ton
B2500 Dodge Van 3/4 Ton
B300 Dodge Van 1 Ton
B350 Dodge Van 1 Ton
B3500 Dodge Van 1 Ton
D100 2wd 1/2 Ton
D150 2wd 1/2 Ton
D200 2wd 3/4 Ton
D250 2wd 3/4 Ton
D300 2wd 1 Ton
D350 2wd 1 Ton
Dodge 4500
Dodge 5500
Power Wagon
Ram 1500 1/2 Ton
Ram 2500 3/4 Ton
Ram 3500 1 Ton
Ram Charger
Ram SRT-10
Ram Van 1500 1/2 Ton
Ram Van 2500 3/4 Ton
Ram Van 3500 1 Ton
Sprinter 2500
Sprinter 3500
W100 1/2 Ton 4×4
W150 1/2 Ton 4×4
W200 3/4 Ton 4×4
W250 3/4 Ton 4×4
W300 1 Ton 4×4
W350 1 Ton 4×4

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