Ford Drivetrain Selection

Ford Drivetrain Selection

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Whether you bought a Ford for its capability to haul loads, traverse difficult terrain, or speed down the highway, your vehicle relies on drivetrain and differential parts to get the job done. From the F-150 up to Super Duty and E-series, to classics like the Bronco and Mustang, RANDYS has the parts you need for a quality replacement, or performance upgrade.

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Popular Parts for Ford

Ford 9 Inch Dropouts

Dropouts housings (and pinion supports) are available in high-strength nodular iron and lightweight aluminum. Complete third members are also available from RANDYS, and are made to order.

Limited Slip Differentials

The Dura Grip and Trac Loc are limited slip differentials featuring rebuildable clutch design, and make great traction options for Ford muscle cars and trucks.

Locking Hubs

Hardcore Locking Hubs from Yukon are manufactured with all-steel components, low-profile bezels, and default-to-lock design. These hubs make a great choice for Bronco builds and other Ford truck restoration projects.

Ford Differentials

By a good margin, the most popular Ford differential is the Ford 9 Inch. A common choice for classic restorations and rebuilds as well as many older 4×4 vehicles, it is one of the most widely used differentials across domestic autos,. The 9 inch rear end was put into production by Ford from the late 1950’s up until the early 1980’s in cars and trucks and was the standard differential for that time. Some of the more popular models to run the 9 Inch are the Ford Bronco, Ford Mustang and the Ford F-150.

Ford 9 Inch differentials are most easily identified by their rounded housing (compared to the more oblong Ford 8”), with later models after 1966 featuring a hump in the center. Like all Ford differentials the 9 Inch has a removable 3rd member that drops out the front of the housing and also has a removable pinion support, allowing for easier access to make alterations to pinion depth.

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RANDYS Carries Drivetrain & Differential Parts for These Ford Models:

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Bronco II
Crown Victoria
E-100 1/2 Ton
E-150 1/2 Ton
E200 3/4 Ton
E-250 3/4 Ton
E-300 1 Ton
E-350 1 Ton
Explorer Sport Trac
F-100 1/2 Ton
F-150 1/2 Ton
F-150 Raptor Edition
F-250 3/4 Ton
F-250 Super Duty 3/4 Ton
F-350 1 Ton
F-350 Super Duty 1 Ton
F-450 Super Duty
F-550 Super Duty
Torino / Grand Torino
Transit Van

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