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Limited Slip Differential LSD Positraction | RANDYS

Limited Slip Differential


limited slip differentialRANDYS offers a variety of Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) that will significantly increase the traction and performance of Jeeps, trucks, 4×4s, and RWD vehicles. Our Yukon Dura Grip LSD features a rebuildable clutch-based, 4-spring design and forged 4320 chromoly spider gears. Each unit is assembled in the USA and passes our industry-leading quality assurance program. Click through below and find an LSD that fits in your ride.

Limited slip differential (LSD), also known as a positraction unit or posi, allows for automatic traction control when navigating difficult road surfaces or weather conditions. In a standard open differential power moves freely to the wheel with the least resistance. In a limited slip differential when a wheel begins to slip the unit applies friction resistance to limit excessive power travelling through a single wheel, ensuring both wheels rotate with even power.

Many trucks and muscle cars come standard with a factory limited slip, however, these can wear out or even break over time. At RANDYS we carry LSD units for a wide range of rear wheel drive and 4×4 vehicles.

Our Yukon Dura Grip line features a rebuildable clutch based, 4-spring design, and forged 4320 steel internals. Each unit is quality tested and assembled in the USA.

For Your Vehicle

To get started finding out what Limited Slip Differential works best in your vehicle, put in the year, make and model above and experience what a difference in traction and performance.

  • Rebuildable clutch based
  • 4-spring design
  • Forged 4320 steel internals 
  • Each unit is quality tested and assembled in the USA


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