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Introducing Yukon Gear & Axle Toyota Re-Gear Kits

Introducing Yukon Gear & Axle Toyota Re-Gear Kits

Yukon Gear & Axle is expanding its line of Re-Gear Kits to include popular Toyota models.

Available in more than 30 applications, these kits save you time and headaches by bundling everything you need to upgrade your front and rear diffs in one simple part number. If you’re going to enhance the stance of your Toyota with big tires don’t forget to enhance the gearing!

Yukon Re-Gear Kits correct changes to your differential’s final drive ratio that occur when you upgrade to bigger tires, namely lackluster acceleration, poor towing, and labored climbing. Kits feature premium Yukon ring and pinion gearsets, master install kits with high-quality Timken/Koyo bearings, and all required small parts to get your vehicle up and running fast so you can make the most of the time you spend on the trail.

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