Our Brands

The Yukon Gear & Axle® brand is known industry wide for maintaining the highest quality in aftermarket parts with tolerances at or exceeding OE grade.

Yukon manufactures the widest selection including ring & pinions, limited slips, lockers, axles, rebuild kits, hubs, driveshafts, and more!

Yukon parts are sought after from consumers, builders and shops that demand quality parts for installation, racing and modification.

USA Standard Gear® sets the standard for quality parts at affordable pricing.

As a brand, USA Standard encompasses ring & pinions, axles, driveshafts, transmission and transfer case components, and installation kits, as well as the popular Spartan Locker® – the toughest lunchbox locker on the market.

Designed for the general installer and do-it-yourself customer, USA Standard provides unmatched reliability in replacement OE.

Zumbrota Drivetrain represents the highest quality remanufactured transmission and transfer cases in the industry.

We take pride when customers call thinking they’ve received brand new product at their door! It’s all part of an industry leading cleaning, inspection and reassembly process.

From complete units to individual component parts Zumbrota products set the mark for excellence in aftermarket remanufacturing.

Dura Grip

The Dura Grip is a 4 spring composite clutch style limited slip (positraction) unit for aggressive traction. Fully rebuildable and manufactured with forged 4320 steel gears.

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Grizzly Locker

Yukon's high performance automatic locking differential provides 100% power to both wheels. Trusted in competitive track and off road by race teams worldwide.

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Hardcore Differential Cover

Give your rig the protection it deserves. Hardcore Covers are manufactured from high strength nodular iron and feature a thick-walled design for maximum damage resistance.

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Hardcore Drive Flange Kit

Dedicated offroad rigs require drive flanges that resist the abuse of tall tires and high torque. Yukon Flanges are manufactured with heat treated 8620 steel for max strength.

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Hardcore Locking Hubs

Hardcore Locking Hubs default to lock and feature an all steel construction with low profile bezels, chromoly internals, and a proprietary coating on locking gears for long life.

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Hardcore Recovery Gear

Yukon Recovery Gear Kits feature kinetic rope originally designed for heavy duty marine use that softens impact and safely provides up to 30% more pulling capacity.

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Performance Driveshafts

Performance Driveshafts from Yukon provide strength and reliability for aggressive offroad use. Complete assemblies come ready to install for Jeep JK, and custom 4x4 options.

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Rear Axle Assemblies

Over 300 complete rear axle assemblies are available from USA Standard Gear. These bolt-on housing assemblies allow for quick and reliable replacement for repair or rebuild.

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Replacement Driveshafts

OE Driveshafts from USA Standard Gear come in over 600 individual fitments and offer a reliable solution for driveline replacement on your truck, car or SUV.

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Spartan Locker

An economical automatic mechanical locker the Spartan Locker makes an excellent starter locker for trail rigs due to its price, aggressive action, and ease of installation.

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Spin Free Kits

Spin Free Kits from Yukon eliminate vulnerable factory unit bearings, improve axle strength and enhance fuel economy. Kits include chromoly axles and Hardcore Locking Hubs.

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Super Joints

Super Joints are patented U-Joint upgrades with bodies made from forged 4340 chromoly with Diamond Like Coating, and caps from induction-hardened 4140 chromoly.

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Zip Locker

Yukon's air-operated selectable locker provides traction at the press of a button in a high strength forged steel case with 4320 internals.

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Diff Wizard

Differentials and drivetrain components are notoriously complex and fitment specific in the aftermarket industry. With the development of the Diff Wizard® parts finder system RANDYS is able to quickly and accurately provide customers with the fitment data they need to ensure they get the right part the first time, every time.

The Diff Wizard powers randysworldwide.com and dozens of distributor websites selling drivetrain parts. Looking to get the Diff Wizard tool on your site? Contact a member of our sales team today!


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