Suzuki Samurai 5.38 Ring & Pinion Set-Up Tips

It has come to our attention that many customers are experiencing gear failure with the 5.38 gear ratio in a Suzuki Samurai. Through extensive independent laboratory metallurgical testing and testing in our own shop we have determined it necessary to set these particular gears up differently!

Standard setups usually call for approximately a .052″ pinion depth shim. We recommend starting with a .059″ to .062″ pinion depth shim. Set up your gear with an ideal contact pattern, and then add approximately .007 to .010″ to the pinion depth shim. This thicker shim, along with the carrier bearing adjuster preload set at 180 ft. lbs. has proven to make this particular combination more reliable.

Randy’s Ring & Pinion sincerely hopes this new information will help you attain longer life from your new 5.38 ring & pinion set.

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