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Product Details

In its second edition printing, Differentials Identification, Restoration & Repair has been the springboard for advanced drivetrain knowledge since 2006. Written by company founder, Randy Lyman, and Jim Allen, the book explains the parts within the drivetrain and their relationship to each other then graduates to detailed info on individual differentials. Comments on each diff include how it was created i.e. history, predecessors, and any slang terms or ideals it has, its design innovations or shortcomings, popular applications, construction specifications, rebuilding tolerances and preloads, and more. The beauty is how the book is a deep dive into drivetrain tech written in a way that enthusiasts of all skill levels will understand and benefit from.

  • Useful, actionable info for beginners and experts alike
  • Includes detailed rebuilding specifications, tolerances, and preloads
  • Learn about the intricacies of your diff’s design as well as how to rebuild it

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Width 10.00 in
Length 12.00 in
Depth 0.50 in
Weight 2.0000 lb
Brand: RANDYS Worldwide Automotive

Differentials Identification, Restoration & Repair


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