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Spartan Locker lunchbox locker, reliable traction

Spartan Locker®

The Spartan Locker®, by USA Standard Gear, is built to provide affordable, reliable traction for your off-road rig and everyday commuter. Considered to be the toughest Lunchbox Locker on the market, the Spartan Locker is easily installed without any special tools or equipment.

The Spartan Locker's patent pending design replaces the spider gears in a standard carrier case, does not use the thrust washers, and has a revolutionary spring and pin design that makes installation even easier! These USA Standard Gear Spartan lockers are mechanical lockers that fit into a standard differential carrier, replacing the open spider gears. They do not use thrust washers and have a revolutionary spring and pin design to make installation a snap! Spartan lockers feature high-nickel 9310 chromoly drivers and couplers for added strength.

The advantages of utilizing a Spartan Locker are its 100% lockup and affordability, both in initial cost and installation cost. The install is easier on the wallet because the differential does not need to be removed for installation and some enthusiasts install the unit themselves versus taking it to a shop.

Give your vehicle great traction and save some cash. Drop in Spartan Lockers for improved traction. They're available for a variety of makes and models spanning more than a half-century.

  • Big on traction, low on cost
  • Patent pending design replaces spider gears
  • Low-cost shop installation, can be DIY installed
  • Reliable 100% lock up power transfer
  • Features heat-treated 9310 steel internals for enhanced durability
  • One-year warranty against manufacturing defects


What Spartan Locker is right for YOU?