Toyota Drivetrain Selection

Toyota Drivetrain Selection

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Toyota vehicles are renowned for their durability and quality. When looking to upgrade or rebuild your Yota truck or off-road rig, choose aftermarket parts from RANDYS that match that quality. We stock drivetrain parts from Yukon Gear & Axle and USA Standard Gear for Toyota classics, including the FJ Cruiser line, up to modern models like the 4Runner and Tundra.

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Popular Products for Toyota

Spartan Locker

The Spartan Locker provides aggressive off road traction and reliability at a low cost point. A great starter locker, the Spartan is easy-to-install in your differential, replacing existing spider gears.

Zip Locker

An air-operated locker, the Zip Locker allows for selectability between fully locked traction, and an open differential, at the flip of a switch. When versatility is key, the Zip Locker makes an excellent choice. Also available in a default-to-locked competition model.

Knuckle Rebuild Kit

Yukon steering knuckle rebuild kits for Toyota include trunnion bearings and use the highest quality components to provide a complete overhaul of a steering knuckle.


Differentials for Toyota

Toyota differentials have a reputation for being ‘overdesigned’ with higher strength than necessary and long lasting low cost components. Before the 21st century when computers were not easily able to calculate the strength of complex loading situations, Toyota engineers cautioned on the side of too strong rather that too weak when estimating the type and thickness of metal to be used in their designs.

Because Toyota diffs are inherently tough due stringent quality control and tight manufacturing tolerances, they make an excellent choice for people who want something that can accommodate larger tires and lockers. Additionally, most Toyota differentials are dropout style allowing easy access for maintenance and repair work.

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RANDYS Carries Differential and Drivetrain Parts for These Toyota Models:

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FJ Cruiser
FJ-40 Land Cruiser
FJ-60 Land Cruiser
FJ-80 Land Cruiser
Hilux Pickup
Tundra, 4.6L & 4.7L
Tundra, 5.7L

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