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USA Standard Driveshafts OEM Replacement | RANDYS

Driveshafts from USA Standard Gear

USA Standard replacement driveshaft assemblies are manufactured to meet or exceed OE quality. using all new, high quality components. Each driveshaft is computer balanced and uses serviceable universal joints for a simple repair, making this the last driveshaft you'll ever need.

All USA Standard Gear driveshafts are new, not remanufactured units. They are quality inspected and come with everything needed for direct, bolt-in installation, including fully greaseable u-joints for maintenance-free performance. The driveshaft links the transmission and differential, delivering the rotational force from the gearbox to the differential, through the axles, and to the tires.

USA Standard Gear replacement driveshafts are computer balanced to provide a smooth running, vibration free driving experience. Driveshafts have a critical speed, an rpm that the natural, static frequency of the unit is equal to its rotating speed frequency. Harsh, sometimes catastrophic, vibration is the result when these two frequencies match. Using the appropriate materials and proper balancing are a few of the ways USA Standard Gear controls the rotating frequency of its driveshafts so you never have to worry about vibration. Using the appropriate materials and building to exacting dimensions are how USA Standard keeps weight in check.

All USA Standard driveshafts enjoy a perfect fit and come with a standard one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • New, not remanufactured
  • Includes everything needed for direct, bolt-in installation
  • Made from high-grade steel to enhance durability
  • Computer balanced for vibration-free performance
  • Some units upgraded from OEM specs


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