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Yukon Dura Grip positraction limited slip differential | RANDYS

Yukon Dura Grip

Yukon Gear & Axle’s Dura Grip is a clutch-style positraction limited-slip differential that provides smooth yet aggressive traction, delivering the confidence and performance needed to navigate across a wide variety of terrains. When wheel slippage occurs, the Dura Grip’s clutch packs load up and funnel more power to the tire with the best traction.

The Dura Grip posi limited-slip is engineered for long life and is completely rebuildable. All Dura Grip units are four-spring designs built with a high-strength nodular iron case, forged 4320 chromoly spider gears, and Raybestos composite clutches.

The clutches can be rebuilt to bring the unit back to its original performance level, or different clutches and spring rates can be used to fine tune the Dura Grip’s performance to better match the style of driving/racing you are doing.

The Yukon Dura Grip is transparent in its traction enhancement, coming online only when the edge of adhesion is reached. This makes it ideal for daily drivers that will be driven hard on the street and see extended action on the trail or at the track.

  • Four-spring clutch-type LSD
  • Quality Alto composite clutches
  • Tough Nodular iron case
  • Forged 4320 chromoly gears
  • Fits all gear ratios
  • Choose from four levels of spring pressure (200 - 800 psi) when rebuilding
  • Each unit is quality tested and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Recommended gear oil: Non-synthetic 80W-90 GL-5
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects


The Dura Grip is ideal for daily drivers that will be driven hard on the street and see extended action on the trail or at the track.


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