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Yukon Grizzly Locker Limited Slip Differential | RANDYS

Yukon Grizzly Locker


For decades, those in drag racing, circle track racing, and off-road have relied on mechanical positive-locking differentials. The Yukon Grizzly Locker features:

  • An 8620 alloy steel case, forged 8620 internals and a patented design to reduce common locker failures. 
  • Inner clutch teeth with a larger radius at the base, improving strength over back-cut designs.
  • Larger teeth that help to avoid breakage against shock-loading or in the event an axle breaks.
  • Hand-fitted internals for faster engagement.

These units provide maximum traction and strength for many performance applications. Yukon Grizzly Lockers are available for a variety of car and truck applications, with new applications being added all the time!


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Do we really need to break in a new gear set? I have heard many people say “When I bought my new truck, no one ever told me to break in the ring & pinion.” Whenever we are blessed enough to afford a new vehicle, we take it easy on the engine for the first few hundred miles. While we are pampering the engine (probably for the last time ever), the ring & pinion set goes along for the ride and gets a chance to break in before we hammer the throttle.

There are three main reasons to re-gear your ride. The first is to recapture the lost drivability and fuel efficiency of a daily driven vehicle that has been upgraded with larger wheels and tires. The second is to fine-tune the performance characteristics of a vehicle that is a dedicated off-roader, tow rig, or drag racer where the focus is more on low-end grunt and acceleration. The third is to improve fuel efficiency. The accompanying video outlines the reasoning and consid3rations that should go into finding the right gear ratio for your ride.

Curious what comes with the Grizzly Locker, take a look at this video to discover all of the components.