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Yukon Ring & Pinion Gears front & rear differentials | RANDYS

Yukon Gear & Axle Performance Ring & Pinion

Yukon Gear & Axle high ring & pinions set the industry standard for quality, performance, and durability.

Ring & pinions come in a selection of gear ratios for both front and rear differentials that vary the amount of torque is applied to your tires. This ratio affects off-the-line performance, gas mileage, off-road crawling capabilities and overall drivability. The larger diameter of bigger than stock tires changes the ratio, resulting in lackluster acceleration, poor towing, and labored climbing. Big-tire rigs require larger, deeper gears in a higher numerical ratio to transfer power properly and restore your ride’s stock driving characteristics.

Yukon’s engineers use state-of-the-art design and testing processes, backed by two in-house quality assurance labs, to ensure each gearset meets exacting specifications, for hardness via heat-treating, and torsional strength.

Gear tooth surface finishes on all Yukon ring & pinion gearsets are designed to reduce both friction and heat. This quality provides the performance to withstand the rigors of off-road racing, intense trail runs and racing in heavily modified, high-horsepower vehicles.

All Yukon ring & pinion gearsets come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Yukon also offers its Y.E.S. Plan for a lifetime, comprehensive, no-questions-asked protection plan covering your gears for as long as you own the vehicle.

To protect your investment, rely on the experts at Yukon Gear and Axle as we describe how to properly break-in your Ring and Pinion gears.

Proven in the most demanding forms of motorsports like extreme off-roading in Ultra4 Racing, Yukon has been the Official Ring & Pinion of Ultra4 for more than 10 years.

Be rough on your drivetrain, dominate the road, and have the peace-of-mind that by choosing the #1 aftermarket product you’ve ensured you’ll get the most out of your vehicle’s performance.

  • Manufactured with superior materials
  • Engineered using state-of-the-art designs
  • Inspected to ensure precise accuracy and fitment
  • Regain drivability when upgrading to bigger tires
  • Tested and proven in extreme motorsport competition
  • Backed by a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects


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When ever the gear ratio in a differential is changed pinion diameter changes. There are two things that must change in order for the gear ratio to change. First, the gear ratio is determined by the tooth combination. The number of teeth on the ring gear divided by the number of teeth on the pinion (eg: 41/11 = 3.73) equals the gear ratio.  Click to the article to read continue reading.

There are several types of rear ends that use a threaded side adjuster be it a single adjuster or one on both sides of carrier. The most commonly known rears with this type of carrier adjustment are the Chrysler 7.25-8.25-8.75-9.25, Ford 9”, GM 8.25” IFS, Suzuki Samurai, & Toyota. Click on the image to continue reading more.
Nic Ashby Wins 2020 American SuperJeep Challenge Builder of the Year – Proves Mettle at King of the Hammers with Yukon Gear & Axle® Drivetrain Components

Yukon Gear & Axle®, the leading performance off-road drivetrain supplier in North America, congratulates Rockstar Performance Garage owner Nic Ashby for being named 2020 SuperJeep Challenge Builder of the Year. Read more about Nic’s adventure in the blog article.