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Yukon Tools for bearing pullers, housing spreaders, shim drivers

Yukon Drivetrain Tools


Purpose-built, precise, tough… Yukon Drivetrain Tools have been developed by mechanics for mechanics. When you tinker with differentials as much as we do innovation is a necessity. The automotive driveline is intricate, highly specialized, and just a different breed when it comes to building, maintenance, and repair. Our line of tools is the direct result of in-house R&D efforts, responding to the needs of our customers in the installation sector, and our own experience in general repair. Basically, our tools are the answer to the many “there has to be a better way to do this” utterances over the years. Here are a few of our groundbreaking tools.


Shop Yukon Carrier Bearing Pullers

Yukon Carrier Bearing Puller Sets – These bearing pullers simplify bearing removal for those without a press. They feature different clamshell sizes and are powered by an impact gun for a clean, quick and simple way to remove a bearing quickly and without risk. The Yukon Heavy Duty Carrier Bearing Puller Set (YT P22) features different clamshell sizes than the standard set and will work on 1-ton applications including Dana 70HD, Dana 80, Ford 10.25" & 10.5", or GM and Chrysler 11.5"differentials.

Yukon Tools Multi-Shim Driver

Yukon Bearing Race Driver – Yukon as developed more than 20 race drivers for different applications and they all will make your life easier because they accurately drive races and produce a perfect alignment for the right fit. These drivers are built to take a hammering, which is exactly what’s required to properly set bearings. The tool keeps your races centered and straight and works much better than using a socket or even the bottom of the closest beer can.

Check out our entire line up of highly functional driveline tools by clicking the link below.

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When ever the gear ratio in a differential is changed pinion diameter changes. There are two things that must change in order for the gear ratio to change. First, the gear ratio is determined by the tooth combination. The number of teeth on the ring gear divided by the number of teeth on the pinion (eg: 41/11 = 3.73) equals the gear ratio.  Click to the article to read continue reading.

There are several types of rear ends that use a threaded side adjuster be it a single adjuster or one on both sides of carrier. The most commonly known rears with this type of carrier adjustment are the Chrysler 7.25-8.25-8.75-9.25, Ford 9”, GM 8.25” IFS, Suzuki Samurai, & Toyota. Click on the image to continue reading more.

Using year, make and model, and vehicle info is the first/best way to identify your differential. But there are cases where these facts come up short. Your vehicle’s options like tow packages, off-road packages, or whether it sports an automatic or manual transmission can make identification more difficult.  Read more on how to accurately identify your differential and axle type.