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Yukon Zip Locker, differential air operated locker | RANDYS Worldwide

Yukon Zip Locker

Maximum grip on-demand from the air-operated Yukon Zip Locker. The addition of a differential locker significantly increases the traction and performance of the drivetrain in Jeeps, trucks, 4×4s, SUV’s and RWD vehicles. Selectable lockers accomplish this by allowing the driver to choose exactly when power is distributed to both wheels on an axle. The Yukon Zip Locker was born in the desert where traction is intermittent and vital to the balance and performance of your vehicle. From sand to rock to mud to boulders, competition to general performance, the Zip Locker performs flawlessly…when you need it.

An air operated locker is basically an open unit until air is supplied. When pneumatic pressure is applied, a locking collar slides forward and locks the gears together. When this happens, it essentially locks both left and right axles creating a spool like effect, driving equal amounts of traction to both tires. Air is supplied by a compressor that can be used to drive one or two lockers, front and rear, installed onto the vehicle. The traction is selected by the driver when needed and the effect is immediate. Air lockers can engage at higher speeds, but rely on equal rotation of each tire for this to be done efficiently.

When disengaged, the unit delivers the convenience of an open diff. The Yukon Zip Locker is engineered with a forged steel case and, depending on application, 8620 or 4320 chromoly internals. The Zip Locker is backed by the Best Warranty in the Business providing six years against manufacturing defects, including any collaterally damaged parts and associated labor, with up to $2,000 for the first two years.

Peace of mind is important on the trail. There are many traction choices based on the users needs. Installation of the correct locker makes off road driving safer and more fun for everyone involved.

  • Selectable/on-demand air-operated locker
  • Instant engagement to respond to trail conditions
  • Forged steel case, 8620/4320 chromoly alloy internals for superior durability
  • Works with most popular air-delivery systems
  • Six (6) year warranty against manufacturing defects Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Industry-leading quality assurance testing


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