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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions about your purchase, order or shipping

All returns caused by customer error and some returns caused by customer refusal of our shipment will be charged a Restocking Fee per the schedule defined herein.

Customer Error is defined as a return for any reason that does not involve an error by RANDYS Worldwide Automotive, Inc. or our supplier(s).

Customer Refusal returns that are subject to a Restocking Fee are those where the customer refuses delivery of our shipment due to an error on the part of the customer (e.g., no longer needs part, ordered incorrect part number, etc.). Customer Refusal returns due to other reasons (e.g., part received different than part ordered, part damaged during shipment, etc.) are not subject to a Restocking Fee.

Returns caused by an error by RRP or our suppliers are not subject to a Restocking Fee.

Restocking Fee Schedule

Calendar Days
From Customer Receipt of Product
To RRP Receipt of Returned Product
Restocking Fee
As a Percent of Invoice Price
Excluding Freight & Tax
1 – 30 15%
31 – 90 20%
91 – 120 25%
121+ Per Director of Sales Instructions

No returns allowed after 120 days.

Any returns outside of the 120 days MUST have the approval of the Director of Sales. If it is decided to grant an RGA, the return could be subject to a 50% restock fee.