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Yukon Installation Kits, differentials | RANDYS Worldwide

Yukon Installation Kits

If you are thinking about increasing tire size, adding bumpers, or if you are looking for more towing power, Yukon Installation Kits provide everything you need to upgrade your drivetrain.

Yukon Gear & Axle Installation Kits are complete packages that include front, rear, or front and rear ring and pinion sets. Considered to be the most complete master overhaul kits on the market, these kits allow you to re-gear the front and/or rear differentials in one convenient package.

To get started, call to speak with one of our representatives to get the kit that is right for you.


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Yukon Differential Covers are made from thick-walled high strength nodular steel to fend off the most severe hits in off road driving. Yukon diff covers are designed to protect lockers, gears, and axles from violent impact. These covers come with a durable powder coat finish, magnetic drain plug, and high strength steel fasteners for easy bolt-on installation. Curious about what sets Yukon Diff Covers apart, read the entire article.

When it comes to deciding which differential to use, there are now almost too many limited slip and locking differentials to choose from and it takes a knowledgeable person to help choose a design that will serve your needs.  What type of differentials are there?  Read the article and discover all the different types of differentials, then you can make a smart decision on what is right for your needs. 

Designed and engineered for off road performance, the Spartan Locker is the toughest lunchbox locker on the market!

  • 9310 steel construction 
  • Chromoly drivers for added strength 
  • Heat treated and precision cut teeth 
  • Heavy duty cross pins (applicable fits) 
  • Large pins and springs 
  • Eliminates thrust washers/shims