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Ian "Big Tire" Johnson Spin Free Installation Video

Ian "Big Tire" Johnson Spin Free Installation Video





Yukon Spin Free Kits
Freewheeling in the Name of Fun and Efficiency


Ian Johnson, the host of the TV show “Four Wheeler” on the MotorTrend Network, runs through all the details involved in installing a Spin Free Kit in the accompanying video.

The four-wheel-drive systems on some Dodge and Jeep applications are engineered to turn the front axles and transfer case gears when the vehicles are in two-wheel drive mode. This is wasteful on two fronts. First is the wear and tear factor… which is complicated by the fact that these systems feature non-serviceable, failure-prone bearing assemblies. Then there’s the negative impact all the energy used turning the front drivetrain has on fuel economy.

Yukon Spin Free Kits swoop in like a superhero to save the day by allowing the front drivetrain to freewheel. These kits replace the failure susceptible and expensive factory unit bearings with serviceable tapered bearings and races. The result is not only a design which is easier and more economical to maintain, but one that offers significant increases in fuel efficiency because mpg-stealing parasitic drag in the front drivetrain is reduced.

Each Spin Free Kit includes new wheel hubs, spindles, high-strength Yukon 4340 chromoly outer axles, Yukon Hardcore premium locking hubs, high-quality bearings and seals, and all the hardware needed for installation. Kits are accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for as long as you own the vehicle.

Wasted effort is frustrating. Unnecessary wear and tear and costly repairs are frustrating. Sacrificing fuel efficiency is frustrating. Yukon Gear & Axle Spin Free Kits relieves the frustration and makes your rig less expensive to maintain while allowing it to run longer between fill-ups. It’s a win-win.

About Ian Johnson

With his big hair and big fabrications skills, Ian is a well-known personality in the off-road industry.

A former high school auto shop teacher, Ian first hit the big time in 2005 as part of Spike TV’s Powerblock weekend programming. Ian co-hosted the popular “Extreme 4x4,” a hardcore how-to show that highlighted the building and modifying of off-road vehicles. After the Powerblock was cancelled in 2013, the show transitioned to “Xtreme Off Road” (XRO) on Paramount’s Power Nation programming block. Ian left XRO in 2017. He appeared briefly on “Big Tire Garage” before manning the helm of the highly successful “Four Wheeler” show when it debuted in 2019. Like his TV segments, this installation video goes full-tech as Ian highlights all the critical steps with enthusiasm and depth as only he can do.

Check it out.