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Strengths & Advantages Of The Spartan Helical LSD

Strengths & Advantages Of The Spartan Helical LSD




Strengths & Advantages Of The Spartan Helical LSD

When you’re driving in a normal manner a positraction limited slip differential is pre-loaded and provides equal traction to both wheels. Mashing the throttle, taking a tight corner aggressively, or working through loose gravel trails will result in the limited slip differential applying more torque where it’s needed. This enhances the grip, control, and predictability of the vehicle.


Understanding Clutch- & Gear-Type Limited Slip Differentials


The main difference between LSD types is how each applies additional torque when the unit is properly loaded.


A clutch-type unit uses an array of springs to apply pressure to the side gears which puts pressure on the clutch packs in the outer part of the carrier. When a tire starts slipping, the clutch packs are engaged with differing resistance. The clutches compensate to maximize traction between the tires, transferring more torque to the tire that has the best grip while reducing torque transfer to the tire that has less grip.



A gear-type Spartan Helical LSD from USA Standard Gear has no frictional surfaces to initiate torque transfer. It uses floating helical-cut worm gears that operate in pockets and mesh together. When acceleration or wheel slippage occurs, axial and radial thrust is applied to the helical gear pinions in their pockets. Under these loads, the gears lock and more torque is transferred to the tire with the best traction in a mild progressive manner as torque is withheld from the tire that is slipping.


Advantages Of Gear-Type Spartan Helical Limited Slip Differential


The Spartan Helical LSD limited slip differential provides smooth engagement, quiet operation, and requires no maintenance because there are no clutches to rebuild. The unit’s 10-pinion design has a strength advantage over an equivalently sized 6-pinion or 8-pinion gear-type unit because it has more points of contact and a greater surface contact area to deliver optimal load distribution. This LSD is built tough. The Spartan Helical LSD is a fully assembled unit featuring a forged 8620 grade steel case and stout 8620 alloy internals for superior durability.

  • Fits Dana 30 front differentials
  • 27 spline, 3.73-and-up ratio
  • Forged 8620 grade steel case, 8620 alloy internals for superior durability
  • No clutches, no need to rebuild


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Other Gear-Type Diffs Available From RANDYS

The Spartan is not the only gear-type diff offered by RANDYS. We also have helical gear limited slip differentials for select GM and Chrysler applications.


GM & Chrysler 11.5-Inch Helical Limited Slip Differential

This 30-spline unit fits Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, and Ram 2500- and 3500-series pickups produced from 2001 to 2019.


GM 8.5- & 8.6-Inch Helical Limited Slip Differential

This unit fits a multitude of half ton 1500-series pickups and late model cars and SUVs from The General. It’s a 30-spline unit that works in diffs with ratios of 2.73 and up.


Chrysler/AAM 11.8-Inch Helical Limited Slip Differential

This unit is designed to fit model year 2016-and-up Ram 3500 pickups with a 16-bolt ring gear.


Chrysler 10.5-Inch Helical Limited Slip Differential

This 30-spline unit fits 2003 to 2010 RAM 2500 pickups and 2011 to 2013 RAM 1500 pickups.