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Yukon Vehicle Recovery Gear

Yukon Vehicle Recovery Gear




Yukon Vehicle Recovery Gear

Getting unstuck is part of wheeling, do it right and it’s a fun part of wheeling. Whether your pulling a friend free or winching yourself out, Yukon Gear & Axle recovery gear has what it takes to get you back on the trail. When shopping recovery gear remember that a recovery rope’s strength rating needs to surpass the gross vehicle weight of the rig you’re extracting by two to three times.


What is a Kinetic Recovery Rope?

Kinetic recovery ropes, also known as a snatch ropes or yanker ropes, are designed to have some stretch in them so you can yank a vehicle free. You’re not towing here. Tow ropes are designed with no stretch to provide consistent pulling when towing. They can produce sudden shock to both vehicles and put undue stress on their attachment points when used in a recovery scenario. There are tons of ‘fail’ videos on YouTube showing the entire front end being torn off in a recovery gone wrong. Yukon Recovery Ropes can stretch by up to 30 percent of their static length which stores kinetic energy. The rope then smoothly transfers that energy into pulling power to rescue a vehicle that is stuck. Further, the rope’s elasticity also makes it easier for the rescue vehicle to generate some momentum when pulling a stuck vehicle out. This is especially critical when working in loose footing like sand, gravel, or mud, where a non-kinetic rope could cause the rescue vehicle to bury itself. Yukon recovery ropes are up to the task. Our largest offering is 7/8” in diameter, 30 feet in length, and rated to 28,000 psi Minimum Tensile Strength. Our other recovery rope is 3/4” in diameter, 20 feet in length, and rated to 19,000 psi Minimum Tensile Strength.

Securing to an Anchor Point

Ropes are important but they have to attach securely to the vehicle to be effective. Enter the shackle. Yukon offers two types of shackles; a metal D-ring shackle and a soft shackle made from nylon plasma fiber. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses, and both should be part of your recovery gear assemblage. Metal D-ring shackles, also known as bow shackles, pin shackles, or anchor shackles, are cheaper and stronger than their nylon cousin. Metal shackles excel at attaching a recovery rope to a vehicle but should not be used to join ropes, connect a tree strap, or link to a ground anchor, because if the rope fails the metal shackle becomes a projectile. The soft shackle shines in situations where you want to join ropes, use a tree strap, or employ some type of ground anchor. Joining ropes extends your reach. Tree straps are gentler on tree trunks than the coarse winch rope they replace. A ground anchor is a large and sometimes cumbersome piece of kit that is used when there are no trees or boulders at hand to serve as an anchor point. Soft shackles are stout and much less dangerous in case of failure. They are more flexible which makes them adept in high-angle rescues and they float which makes them a great choice for mud or water recoveries.

Rating the Strength of Recovery Equipment

Soft shackles and recovery ropes are typically rated by Minimum Tensile Strength (MTS) which is the amount of tensional force that a material can endure without failing. Measurements are calculated using pounds per square inch (psi).Taking that failure point and applying an industry standard 5:1 Safety Factor yields the recommended Working Load Limit (WLL) of a given product. This the load at which the product is safe to use. Yukon recovery products are listed with both MTS and WLL… ropes and soft shackles using MTS and the metal D-ring shackle using WLL. Our soft shackles are flexibility, buoyant in water, and have a load rating of 35,000 psi Minimum Tensile Strength. The steel D-Ring Shackle is listed as 9,500 pounds (4.75 tons) WLL. Using the standard 5:1 formula, the actual MTS breaking strength would be somewhere around 47,500 psi. That’s stout. The bottom line is Yukon recovery gear is rated to handle the bulkiest off-roaders out there so you can hook up and pull with confidence.

Yukon offers recovery gear as individual pieces or as convenient kits that pack all the typical gear you’ll need – kinetic recovery rope, hard and soft shackles, and gloves - into a tough-and-ready nylon bag. These kits are great starting points and can be added to with other recovery gear or trail repair necessities as needed. Fortune favors the prepared mind… and off-roader... so be ready to rise to any challenge with Yukon off-road recovery gear.


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Our super-tough nylon storage bag is sold seperately!


Yukon Recovery Gear Bags are sold separately and make a great starting point for a portable air compressor kit for airing up your tires or as a general purpose tool bag.